Who should manage an AV project? This is an interesting question and if not answered correctly, can cause a major problem issue with the quality of the installation.  Obviously, you want the firm that designed the audiovisual system to be involved in the design project.  They designed the system and they should know the system better than anyone else.  When a system is designed, it should be built to the specifications that were established in the design.

Naturally, every audiovisual contractor has a supervisor or foreman on a project.  Many even have a project manager that stops in from time to time to check on the progress of the installation team.  Many times this person serves a communication portal between the installation crew and the client.

In the best situations, the audiovisual contractor and the consultant work together to plan and execute the installation properly.  All parties should be concerned about:

  • The quality of cables being installed.
  • The bend radius of the cables being installed.
  • The quality of the cable terminations.
  • The settings that are being programmed into the various pieces of equipment.
  • The quality of the programs that are being installed in the control processor.
  • The qualifications of the people handling the installation?

Obviously, the project manager for the audiovisual contractor is interested about the budgeted hours for labor, costs associated with the project, and basically getting the project done as quickly as possible.    To be honest, that is what he should be concerned with. The audiovisual consultant is really focused on one thing, making sure that the project that they designed is installed correctly so that the system works correctly. You definitely want the consultant involved in this process.


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