This is the most prevailing issue that we are dealing with right now.  There are a lot of audiovisual systems that still exist on an analog platform.  They all need to be upgraded during the next few years.  The problem is that there are still a lot of computers that over only an analog output.  So how do you allow for new technology being introduced?  The cables have to be switched from analog cables to digital cables.  Equipment has to be changed from analog to digital.  Do you get rid of the older DVD and VCR’s?

If you were lucky enough to have a system that we designed during the past few years, then you already have the Category cables that we ran alongside the analog cables for an anticipated upgrade.  Then it is just a matter of installing the new equipment.  This is really where you need to have an audiovisual consultant on your side.  These types of projects if not managed properly, can become very expensive.


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