A quality AV system just does not fall out of the sky.  The quality of the system starts with the first conversation between the audiovisual consultant and the client.  The design should take into consideration more the just the audiovisual equipment block drawings.  It should also lake into consideration the placement of equipment.  What height will the monitors be mounted at, where are the speakers being mounted, where does a projector get mounted, and at what height.  These are all details that cannot be left to chance. These should all be explained in the detailed design drawings.

The drawings must reflect each connection and the type of connector that should be used.  The drawing must detail the quality of cable that should be used. This can all become very detailed and it is very important that the details are accurate.  Each set of design drawings that we provide to our clients provide the following information:

  • Electrical requirements for the audiovisual system.
  • Amperage draw for all of the equipment.
  • The HDCP requirements for all equipment and what settings should be used.
  • The EDID strategy for the system.
  • The IP requirements for the system.
  • The placement of the connectors for the laptops and other appliances.
  • The positing of projection screens and their alignment with projectors.
  • The positing of projectors in the room.
    • What height should they be mounted at.
    • What distance from the screen should they be positioned.
  • The height of monitors and the placement on the wall.
  • The type of backing will be required to support the weight of the monitor.
  • The placement of microphones in the rooms.
  • The placements of the speakers in the room.
  • The placement of cameras in the room.
  • Consideration must be given to avoid conflict with the lighting fixtures.
  • Consideration must be given to avoid conflict with fire suppression system.


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